It all started with a doughnut

Well… many doughnuts. What began as mad science meets culinary venture is now known as The Doughnut Project. In a world that is stuffed to the gills with sweet shops and fad foods we wanted to go beyond sprinkles and cream cheese frosting. We like to amp things up with fresh, seasonal ingredients and a menu that beckons you to ask, “And all that’s on a doughnut?!” To which we reply, yes, it certainly IS all on a doughnut.

We make small batch, hand crafted yeast doughnuts to order. It is this dedication to finding your flavor cravings and satisfying them that sets us apart. Get bit by the habanero kick of the Bulletproof Tiger. Satisfy that chocolate craving with the salty pretzel goodness of a Costanza. Take a bite out of a West Coast classic: The Maple Bacon bar.

All work and no play makes for bad doughnuts. We may take our doughnuts seriously, but we believe in fun first. Whether it’s playing with food icons from childhood or translating cocktail inspired flavors to savory and sweet treats: we want your experience of our shop to be as exciting as it is for us.

We are located at 10 Morton Street in the West Village. Follow us on any of your favorite social media platforms and get in on the fun! #TDPNYC